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How to require a password/key/secret supplied by human sysadmin (via an ssh login) for every mount of a LUKS-based volume?

Summary We want to support this scenario: if we sense any security threat that might expose our core data (all stored on a /home NFS mount from our NFS server), we immediately “hard” power off the NFS server. Any potential, successive, unauthorized reboot of the server can not read nor write to /home… because our […]

CMS Mastering Development Wordpress

Author, Contributor Notes / Requirements Metabox, Specific To Selected Author, Contributor

Client’s online publication has a lot of contributors with specific guidelines, some contractual. Posts are not always created or edited by the contributor, so we need a way to populate these guidelines in a sidebar metabox when posts are added or edited so the editor knows what they can and cannot do. These guidelines are […]