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The meaning of “Fix Version” field in Jira, while working in agile, microservices and CI/CD processes

When working on a monolith application in a "waterfall" process, a "Fix Version" field makes a lot of sense. Say you have the "November 2020" planned release, you can add/plan dozens of relevant bugs and features to that release. Other bugs and features may be planned for the next release of "December 2020" and so […]

Ask Biology

Using enzymes, could you have a reaction without energy

This may be more of a chemistry question, but while learning about biology I’ve been learning about reactions and catalysts, specifically the phosphorylation of glucose by hexokinase. And I’ve been wondering, theoretically, could an enzyme bind together two molecules without any added energy. Just doing things like bringing the molecules closer together and releasing positive […]

Mastering Development

How to create mutually referencing data structures in Haskell?

I’ve exploited the fact that when the JVM creates an object (immutable or not), its pointer is created before its fields are initialized. That allows me to create something like this: class BackRefdNode(val parent:Option[BackRefdNode], node:ClassicNode){ val{c=> new BackRefdNode(Some(this), c) } That’s not the case (as far as I know) with Haskell, and if that’s […]

Ask Chemistry

The reaction of butane

Theoretically, butanoyl chloride can be synthesized from butane as starting material. Outline how this reaction can be completed requiring at least FIVE steps reactions. Draw all relevant compounds (as starting material and product) and state the suitable reagent

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Scaling in P2P Kafka vs JMS/MQ

Consider using Kafka as a traditional point-to-point queue (by using just one consumer group). If you have, say 4 partitions of your Kafka topic, you can have a maximum of 4 consumers in your consumer group. Contrast this with a JMS implementation (ActiveMQ, etc.) of a P2P queue. You can add as many consumers as […]

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Charging through the prismatic wall?

Theoretically, could a character pass through all 7 layers of the prismatic wall in 1 turn. With enough HP and resistances to handle the damage and high saves (with a lot of luck) would it be possible for this character to just charge straight through and make it to the other side?

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Number of LSTM layers needed to learn a certain number of sequences

Theoretically, number of units for a LSTM layer is the number of hidden states or the max length of sequences as per my practice. For example, in Keras: Lstm1 = LSTM(units=MAX_SEQ_LEN, return_sequences=False); However, with lots of sequences to train, should I add more LSTM layers? because increasing MAX_SEQ_LEN is not the way as it doesn’t […]

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Close open csv file in scrapy CSV Export Pipeline

I’m attempting to scrape articles on 100 companies, and I want to save the content from the multiple articles to a separate csv file for each company. I have the scraper and a csv export pipeline built, and it works fine, however, the spider opens a new csv file for each company (as it should) […]

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Inrush current limiter resistor power dissipation calculation

Theoretically, I have read and understood that during the initial start-up of a circuit, the circuit will draw high current (known as inrush current), so as to charge the capacitors in its direct line to its input voltage value. My questions : But, without performing any sort of testing, is there a way to estimate […]

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PHP/SQLite3 form pre-populated does not update database when hitting submit

Situation: On a web page, the end user is asked to provde a database id. They enter the database id, hit submit, and a pre-populated form appears where they can edit any parts of the record that they need to. They then hit submit and, theoretically, the form updates the SQLite3 database and displays the […]