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Isn’t the truth that “SEO” is, and always was, pure nonsense?

I used to follow discussions on this “WebmasterWorld” forum, where a small group of old-timers would sit and analyze every single word of every text published by Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/whatever other search engines existed, getting their pants wet whenever they made the slightest (perceived) change in their blackbox algorithms and generally seeming extremely stressed out and dependent […]

Ask Biology

Do plants take in the same amount of CO2 as they release?

There are many claims in the media that trees remove more carbon dioxide form the atmosphere than they release back into the atmosphere. By what chemical pathway can this occur? The law that matter is neither created nor destroyed surely applies as shown by the chemical pathway in the photosynthesis and respiration process. 6CO2 + […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

Is running more epochs really a direct cause of overfitting?

I’ve seen some comments in online articles/tutorials or Stack Overflow questions which suggest that increasing number of epochs can result in overfitting. But my intuition tells me that there should be no direct relationship at all between number of epochs and overfitting. So I’m looking for answer which explains if I’m right or wrong (or […]