Apple User Help

Is there a way to use accelerated 3D graphics from NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M in Mac OS Big Sur?

Since Mac OS High Sierra, Macbook Pro Late 2013 owners complain about the inability of using their NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M dedicated graphics card to speed up 3D graphics or a second display. So after all, I was wondering if Apple, NVIDIA, or some hacker [?] did something to re-enable these old-but-gold graphics card in […]

Mastering Development

Python: Does any() stop iterating through list/generator once truthy value is found?

If you have: if any(word in sentence for sentence in sentences): and sentences is a long list of say, 10,000 sentence-length strings, will any() iterate through the entire list to determine if any are true, or will it stop looking once a true value is found, since the any() value is already determined to be […]


How to track coding/site changes?

I deliver some html/wordpress freelance jobs. I make some list of what I have to change and when I finish, sometimes I don’t remember about all files I changed and where. I currently use Dreamweaver and Brackets, it depends on the case. So, I’d like to know how you, front end staff, do to get […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

How do 3 channels affect a network when detecting human skin (CNN)?

Yeah I know, best title ever. Anyway, I want to make a neural network which is fed with frames coming from an usb camera. Don’t wanna be so specific, so I’m just gonna say that the network’s goal is to classify human hand gestures, therefore I need to make sure it can effectively learn how […]

Ask Psychology

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why do people like loud bass?

I’m all for music but what is so great about extremely loud music particularly thundering bass type music. I don’t care for this type of music and I don’t understand why people like it, that’s why I’m asking.