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Losing weight rapidly by doing a no-solid-foods diet,

I’ve lost ten pounds in two weeks, using a no-solid-foods diet that a neighbor spoke of. I drink nutritious beverages such as lattes (espresso with whole milk) and iced teas (sometimes sweetened, sometimes unsweetened). In the last two weeks, when the hunger got unbearable, I ate a Chipotle steak bowl one night, and a roast […]


“renderer.setAttribute()” does not work for matTooltip

I have two components. One for parent and another one for child. I want to set matTooltip attribute in parent component element from child component. I have tried this below: @ViewChild(‘contentWrapper’) content: ElementRef;// getting parent component element ngAfterViewInit() { this.renderer.setAttribute(this.content.nativeElement.parentElement.parentElement, ‘matTooltip’, this.content.nativeElement.innerText); } It’s rendered in browser like: <span id=”popuptrigger” style=”position: absolute;margin-top: -8px” mattooltip=” Soft […]