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Spring Rest Paypal Payment Integration (version 1)

I have a springboot rest application in the back end, and a react js for the front end. I do not have access in the reactjs side of the project. Now, I needed to integrate paypal (version 1) payment to the application, and this is my first time to use/integrate paypal in my application. Currently, […]

Development System & Network

jq : Get values from children array and display on parent array

I try to get theses value : “VmDisplayName, CreationTimeUTC, EndTimeUTC, Reason, Result, State, TotalSize, BackupServerReference, BackupJobSessionReference” from this json : { “JobSessionUid”: “urn:veeam:BackupJobSession:fe8a7b44-5d5d-4767-e5f4-db0dba854c59”, “CreationTimeUTC”: “2017-11-14T21:02:54Z”, “EndTimeUTC”: “2017-11-14T21:03:30Z”, “State”: “Completed”, “Result”: “Success”, “Reason”: “”, “TotalSize”: 599785472, “VmUid”: “urn:VMware:Vm:11e45620-a0dc-1278-6d13-11a58ce70564.vm-1128”, “VmDisplayName”: “VMName”, “Name”: “VMName@2017-11-14 21:02:54”, “UID”: “urn:veeam:BackupTaskSession:540c9985-52ab-ab01-a453-e0126edf8716”, “Links”: [ { “Rel”: “Up”, “Href”: “”, “Name”: “veeam-dcc-02”, “Type”: “BackupServerReference” […]