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Customer and Orders empty after migration to 2.3.5-p1

Im trying to migrate data from to 2.3.5-p1 with the data migration tools but my table customer and orders remain empty … The errors (who became warning with -a) are : [2020-06-30 06:11:28][WARNING]: Source fields are not mapped. Document: customer_eav_attribute. Fields: is_filterable_in_search,used_in_product_listing,store_ids,sorting_order,is_visible_on_front,type_internal,on_order_view,on_registration,is_read_only,used_in_order_grid,file_size,file_types,file_dimentions,account_filled,billing_filled,required_on_front [2020-06-30 06:11:28][WARNING]: Incompatibility in data. Source document: eav_attribute. Field: frontend_input. Error: Attribute […]


How to retrieve products of a nested category using Many-to-Many relationship in Laravel and order the result?

I want to retrieve products of the selected category, as well as sub-categories and I may even need to order them according to price or date. Please let me know what changes should be made to the controller! I am using a Many to Many Relationship for the 2 tables: Categories and Products, and a […]