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error when using slick slider on multiple elements

I’m trying to apply the Slick Slider plugin in my project. the plugin works ok when it’s applied to just 1 element. but when I try to apply it to more than 1 element, it only works for the 1st element in the script.. after that it returns an error _.$slides is null. Tarnjeet Singh […]

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How to fix this error? “FATAL ERROR syntax error, unexpected ‘<', expecting elseif (T_ELSEIF) or else (T_ELSE) or endif (T_ENDIF) on line number 88"

I’m getting an error at the 88th line “FATAL ERROR syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘, expecting elseif (T_ELSEIF) or else (T_ELSE) or endif (T_ENDIF)” It broke my site, how can I fix it? (I’m new to coding) Thank you!! <?php /** * Related Products * * @see * @author WooThemes * @package WooCommerce/Templates * @version […]

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Slick slider with ajax not working

I am trying to follow this answer but for me its not working perfectly I created custom phtml & block which will show the product slick slider, till time is working perfectly, but after the use of ajax, console showing POST 500 (Internal Server Error) Here is my identifier.phtml <div class=”wrapper-custom”> <div class=”products wrapper <?= […]


Errors with React Image Preload and React-Slick

The problem: I’m using react-slick in conjunction with react-preload-image (latest versions on both) to create a page with multiple slider rails. The idea is to show my portfolio by category, so I’m listing out each category using react-slick to display images and react-preload-image to show the preload image and then the portfolio image. The good […]