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Why do some achievements not count towards the achievements total displayed on my Steam profile’s Achievement Showcase?

I’ve bought a game on Steam and completed 100% of the achievements a few months ago yet I noticed recently that the numbers of achievements and perfect games haven’t updated on the Achivement Showcase of my profile. My best guess would be that this is due to the fact that the game in question (Lover’s […]

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Installer wants to put extra partitions on a new SSD

I’m trying to install Ubuntu-MATE 18.04.4 on a new, empty, external standalone 1 terabyte SSD. I have 2 other drives in my desktop workstation, so in the installer I selected “do not use” for the swap spaces on those drives. I then selected to create an 8 GB swap space for the SSD as a […]

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DOM javascript CSS HTML

Good day, Im creating buttons using DOM and toggle to change the paragraph in the HTML file when you click it in on in JavaScript however, the buttons are not appearing in the html and I’ve set it up so it sits on top of the paragraph. I have used CSS to style the buttons. […]