Mastering Development

Change context path format

While creating “REST API” in WSO2 API Manager, in the “Create an API” page, this message is displayed “API will be exposed in {context}/{version} context at the gateway“ which means say an API is created with context as “/testapi” and version as “1.0” will be exposed as “/testapi/1.0”. Is it possible to change the context […]

User Help Web Pro

Overriding user-provided captions for image SEO purposes

I maintain a web app where users share interesting images (memes and such) for others to upvote and comment on. I’m endeavouring to improve my image SEO – that’s what this question is about. The problem is that most user-uploaded images on my web app have captions that are not descriptive, but rather conversational. For […]

Ask Games RPG Games

Are there any rules for picking up non-hostile creatures?

Grapple rules seem to be geared towards a constant struggle between two or more combatants. But are there any rules around, say, throwing a wounded NPC over your shoulder to bring them to safety, picking up your party member’s trio of pet rats, or having one of the creatures concede during a grapple? For example, […]

Ask Chemistry

What are the cheapest basis sets able to model intermolecular dipole interactions inside a metal complex and give good relative energies, with DFT?

As a example, If I have a square planar complex of a cation with both a weakly polar ligand (X) and strongly polar ones, like ammonia and water I expect a bit of stabilization due to formation of a hydrogen bond between ammonia and water, if they are in adjacent positions: NH3 │ X─ M² […]

Apple User Help

Apple Mail: How to add receipt request header (with Disposition-Notification-To) for *multiple* accounts?

I’ve been searching for an answer on the ‘net, but all answers I’ve found (some dating back to 2002!) are always for one account. To summarise: you can set further headers for all accounts by using Terminal and typing something like this: defaults write UserHeaders ‘{“Disposition-Notification-To”=”My Name <>”; }’ There are trillions of similar […]

Linux Mastering Development

Is there a defined behavior of the current program that is running when our ssh exits?

I think in the past, say, if I run Ruby on Rails server (by using rails s) on a Bash which I ssh’ed to, and the Internet connection was interrupted, then The Ruby on Rails server would stop The Ruby on Rails server actually kept on running (I think it was due to the VPN […]

Linux Mastering Development Ubuntu

netplan nameserver settings not used in nslookup for specific interface

I have been researching and trying stuff out all morning and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Bear with me, in case I am missing something basic here. The Scenario: I have configured interfaces with netplan (ubuntu server 18.04), and everything is working perfectly, except for the DNS part. When i do […]

Ask Chemistry

How to define axes if all rotation axes pass through the same number of atoms?

I was wondering how one can define the axes for a molecule with several equal axes of rotation, all of which pass through the same atom. I know that the z axis is usually defined as the principal axis, or the axis passing through the most atoms if none are equal. But in the case […]

User Help

Search results in Acrobat DC

In Acrobat Pro 2015, on a Mac, one could browse the advanced search results with the keyboard arrows. Hitting the down arrow to the next result would automatically move the PDF to the page on which the search result occurs. This was great for browsing through, say, results for a word that comes up hundreds […]

Ask Games Video Games

How can a Minecraft server be restarted daily and gracefully on an Ubuntu server?

I’ve got a (modded) Minecraft server running in a tmux session on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. What might be a good way to get it to shut down gracefully and then relaunch daily at, say, 05:00 in the morning? So, in the tmux window, I am running a command like the following: while true; do […]