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Delete all products and categories Magento 2

I am using those requests to delete all products and categories and reset databases tables, it works fine and everything is cleared correctly but problem when I import products using csv products are not showing in the frontend, already reindexed, cleared cache … the view inventory_stock_1 existe but with nothing inside. Have I missed something […]

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How do I split the data in the column while loading in neo4j using neo4j-admin import?

I am trying to import 2 csv files where 1 has nodes and another has relationship. In relationship, I have a column where data needs to be splitted. I tried using –array-delimiter=’|’ but I get an error. I was hoping if someone could help me with this issue. node.csv identifier:ID,name:LABEL 1,apple 2,ball 3,cat rel.csv source_ids:START_ID,target_ids:END_ID,type:TYPE,data […]

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Custom WP_Query not acknowledging search category & tag at the same time, but work independently

I have elaborate search functionality on one of my sites, it is using a custom WP_Query that will allow for an ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ relation between the users selections. It will then generate the result and overwrite the existing products in the product list. This is all being done using AJAX and a function within […]


How to filter arrays in a JSON by multiple tags

I’m rendering in React a list of images from a Json like this one { “images”: [ [“c8483f65-f67f-48d9-a0f8-78da8f66115d”, “Image 0”, “”, [“servant”, “shoes”]], [“4d22a5b7-079d-4f1c-9eba-570165c1f6b1”, “Image 1”, “”, [“screw”, “restaurant”]], [“acd3b528-3c56-41c9-a2bc-6094a55e21be”, “Image 2”, “”, [“cub”, “relation”]], [“fca42de6-0eb1-4449-ab91-61b558c7b972”, “Image 3”, “”, [“condition”, “butter”]], [“73fa77dd-6ec6-4f4d-a991-1bc6b59fb5fa”, “Image 4”, “”, [“zoo”, “wheel”]], [“34982d91-d537-4bc0-a481-028879a22c27”, “Image 5”, “”, [“way”, “chess”]], [“4bdc55e4-937a-4208-aff3-981776a2404e”, “Image […]