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BatchGetSymbols – reshape output

I like to use the advanted of BatchgetSymbols. Any advice how I can best manipulate the output to receive the format below? symbols_RP <- c(‘VDNR.L’,’VEUD.L’,’VDEM.L’,’IDTL.L’,’IEMB.L’,’GLRE.L’,’IGLN.L’) #Setting price download date range from_date <- as.Date(‘2019-01-01’) to_date <- as.Date(Sys.Date()) get.symbol.adjclose <- function(ticker) { l.out <- BatchGetSymbols(symbols_RP, = from_date, = to_date, do.cache=TRUE, = “daily”, = […]


How to feed a column with a join ? (update join)

I have a dataframe with financials data for an index named S&P500 (date, ticker, price). I have another dataframe with (date, ticker, Action). Action == “IN” when a ticker is added to the index at date Action == “OUT” when a ticker is removed from the index at date And I want to add 2 […]