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How to copy file from SecureCRT Linux server to Windows desktop using command or shell script?

Please don’t suggest tools like WinSCP, PuTTY, etc., as I have already tried the following scp commands on the Linux server, but am still not getting the output: scp /file/to/send username@remote:/where/to/put scp username@remote:/file/to/send /where/to/put scp username@source:/location/to/file username@destination:/where/to/put I am not much aware about the commands, so please correct if I’m wrong.

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Lock Windows 10 worktstation from Android remotely

I need to lock Windows 10 worktstation from Android remotely via network without bothering user i.e. without using Remote Desktop technoligies like RDP. As known telnet has left Windows 10 so the only way to connect from Android to Windows 10 is SSH. Windows 10 has built-in OpenSSH server and you only need SSH-client. But […]