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Can’t connect to my bluetooth headphones with bluez5

I’m using linux kernel v4.4.0-148 and bluez v5.36. I can’t connect to my bluetooth headphones Muse "M-260 BT" from the command line : $ bluetoothctl [NEW] Controller 34:E6:AD:A1:9B:8A seb-C70D-B-311 [default] [NEW] Device 00:13:09:01:19:61 M-260 BT [NEW] Device 2C:41:A1:D9:8A:12 LE-Bose Free SoundSport [NEW] Device 97:40:B1:EF:BD:54 PROZOR RX5.0 [bluetooth]# connect 00:13:09:01:19:61 Attempting to connect to 00:13:09:01:19:61 Failed […]