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PyQt5 OpenCV QImage, QPixmap Pictures are output incorrectly [duplicate]

I am using opencv to open an image and putting qimage into qpixmap. Since the Korean route is included, imread is performed in the following way. def imread(filename, flags=cv2.IMREAD_COLOR, dtype=np.uint8): try: n = np.fromfile(filename, dtype) img = cv2.imdecode(n, flags) return img except Exception as e: print(e) return None The image you want to pixmap Photos […]

Linux Mastering Development

XTerm: Scroll by pixels?

In XTerm manual: scroll-back(count [,units [,mouse] ]) This action scrolls the text window backward so that text that had previously scrolled off the top of the screen is now visible. The count argument indicates the number of units (which may be page, halfpage, pixel, or line) by which to scroll. (…) It surprises me that […]


Rendering compute-shader output to screen

I’m trying to set up a pipeline to do some raymarching-rendering. At first I set up a vertex and a geometry shader to take just 1 arbitrary float, and make a quad so I can use just the fragment shader, and input data via passing it through all shaders or uniforms. But then I came […]