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Apple Mail: How to add receipt request header (with Disposition-Notification-To) for *multiple* accounts?

I’ve been searching for an answer on the ‘net, but all answers I’ve found (some dating back to 2002!) are always for one account. To summarise: you can set further headers for all accounts by using Terminal and typing something like this: defaults write UserHeaders ‘{“Disposition-Notification-To”=”My Name <>”; }’ There are trillions of similar […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mastering Development

Validation set vs test set – why do we need both?

I know that this has been asked a hundred times before, however I was not able to find a question (and an answer) which actually answered what I wanted to know, respectively, which explained it in a way I was able to understand. So, I’m trying to rephrase the question… When working with neural networks, […]

Linux Mastering Development

Why doesn’t my BusyBox v1.23.2 accept date command?

colleagues, could you tell me, why doesn’t my BusyBox v1.23.2 accept command? root@vuuno4kse:~# date -s 2020.04.05-09:44:30 Sun Apr 5 09:44:30 CEST 2020 It looks like it worked, but it didn’t: root@vuuno4kse:~# date Sat Aug 20 04:44:09 CEST 2022 To explain you the whole story: Date has been changed by system to plus one day, when […]

User Help

Unable to find/use named range

I’m creating a simple automated invoicing sheet (on Excel 16.35, apparently). For now, I have a single sheet containing all the business info of clients. I’ve converted this sheet into a table (to handle dynamic requirements later) and struggling to pull the names of clients into a data validation field in another sheet. Here’s what […]

Linux Mastering Development Ubuntu

A reposotory for downgrade

I’m working on Ubuntu 18.04 and I need to Downgrade some packages, but I cannot find them on /var/cache/apt/archives anymore, so I’m looking for some external Ubuntu 18.04 compliant repository able to maintain also older version, if one exists, of course!

CMS Joomla Mastering Development

Unwanted transform translate3d effect in menu

My (J3.9.16) website has a horizontally aligned mainmenu for larger screens. It works fine on my iPad. If I tap on a parent item the child dropdown menu is displayed and if I tap the parent again, the child dropmenu closes. The same happens on a desktop with a mouse: hovering over the parent opens […]

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How to change Bethesda account in Doom Eternal?

I have Steam version of Doom Eternal. Game prompted me to create Bethesda account so I did it via Steam overlay browser. Game decided to eat underscore from my email and now it is stuck with invalid, and apparently already taken, email so game complains that “No username specified. Please complete account verification” with some […]

Linux Mastering Development Ubuntu

Computer Boots Straight into Windows (Dual-Boot)

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 18.04 from a live Disc. When prompted to ‘remove installation medium and press Enter’ it restarted and now boots into Windows 10 every time. My computer uses UEFI, both Windows and Ubuntu are installed there. There is no option to move Grub up in boot order in my UEFI settings as […]

Ask English Speaking

What sentence adverb to use to introduce a sentence expressing the reason for something?

I am trying to ‘conjure up’ a chart on result, reason, purpose, and contrast for my students, and I am really hard put to come up with a satisfying adverb to introduce the sentence mentioning the reason for something. Result: I work hard. Therefore, I am successful. (adverb introducing the sentence mentioning the result) Reason: […]

Mastering Development

VBSCRIPT REPLACE not removing spaces from Decrypted fields

Got quite a head-scratcher…. I’m using the VBScript function REPLACE to replace spaces in a decrypted field from a MSSQL DB with “/”. But the REPLACE function isn’t “seeing” the spaces. For example, if I run any one of the following, where the decrypted value of the field “ITF_U_ClientName_Denc” is “Johnny Carson”: REPLACE(ITF_U_Ledger.Fields(“ITF_U_ClientName_Denc”),” “,”/”) REPLACE(ITF_U_Ledger.Fields(“ITF_U_ClientName_Denc”),”&nbsp;”,”/”) […]