Database Development

How to distribution count between rows SQL Server

Unequal division = distribution How to retrieve output with example : CREATE TABLE yourTable ( id varchar(55), code int, count1 int, count2 int ); INSERT INTO yourTable (id, code,count1,count2) VALUES (‘no-29’, 12345, 4, 1), (‘no-29’, 32346, 4, 1) always count1-count2 and results distribution between others rows with same id: example : 4-1 = 3 and […]

Mastering Development

How to copy data from one json to another json for each element that is contained in the other’s keys? [closed]

I have a geojson file with results for each province and one that gives other results for each constituency (an administrative part of the province). That is, in the drawing: I would like to make a third one that puts the results of the first one for each ‘constituency’ level of the second one that […]