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C# Deserialize Two Jarray Objects in Single Object

I have an external API that returns the response in this format: Headers: {[ [ {"displayName": "First Name"}, {"displayName": "Last Name","field": "FieldName2Formula"}, {"displayName": "Age","field": "FieldName3Formula"} ] ]}, Data:{[ [ "John", "Smith", "50" ], [ "Liam", "Miller", "10" ] ]} I have a Class where i want the API Response to be deserialized to Class1.cs [JsonProperty("First […]

Linux Mastering Development

Want bash example for csv file reading and processing

I’m new here and looking for an example that will allow me to explore how the following works so I can use it as a template for my own customizations. Unfortunately, as I’ve probably guessed, I don’t have the necessary bash knowledge yet. But I am working on it. So, now to the problem description. […]

CSV Development

How do I read a CSV File with JAVA

I have a probem, and I didnt find any solution yet. Following Problem: I have to read a CSV File which has to look like this: First Name,Second Name,Age, Lucas,Miller,17, Bob,Jefferson,55, Andrew,Washington,31, The assignment is to read this CSV File with JAVA and display it like this: First Name: Lucas Second Name: Miller Age: 17 […]