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Property ‘toBeInTheDocument’ does not exist on type ‘Matchers

Trying to setup testing for a components library. I’ve tried many example and all similar threads on this with no luck. My setupTests.ts file is correctly being loaded (proven with a console.log), and the library seems to be available as if I add import { toBeInTheDocument } from ‘@testing-library/jest-dom/matchers’ and log toBeInTheDocument it is present. […]


Nuxt TypeScript error: nuxt:typescript Cannot find module ‘@/my-module’

I have setup Nuxt with TypeScript using the instructions from The transition was pretty seamless and ok, except that I can’t get rid of this error that nuxt:typescript “Cannot find module”, which obviously is a false-positive. My imports look like this: import InputField from ‘@/components/InputField.vue’ I have tried with ~/ and without the .vue […]

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How to configure Jest added to an app via Vue cli 3?

I’m trying to introduce testing with Jest into an app build with Vue. I’ve run vue add unit-jest and similarly to what testing single file components with Jest guide suggests, created the following simple test file (Paginator.spec.js in the same folder as Paginator.vue, that is /src/components): import { mount } from ‘@vue/test-utils’ import Paginator from […]