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How to use a cut in prolog to find the number of daughters?

Exercise: Observe the family structure below where each person has a gender specification as their third parameter (m = male, f = female). Use a cut to write the predicate numDaughters(L, Count) in such a way that family(Husband, Wife, Kids), numDaughters([Husband, Wife|Kids],X) lists each family in the database and the number of daughters in each […]

User Help

Audio Peripheral Splitting Issue – Mixing 4 and 3 Lines

I have one Headphone jack on my computer. I want to use one Headset and Speakers on this one jack. I want to use one splitter (yellow) to make two 4 line jacks out of the one 4 line jack on my computer (green). One Jack I want to use for a headset (blue, top). […]

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Trick or Treat? Celebrating At Home

Trick or Treat? October is right around the corner—cooler weather, hot chocolate, and of course, Halloween. What will Halloween look like during a pandemic? Many cities have already canceled Halloween’s typical festivities, such as Haunted Houses, large parties, and have even gone as far as recommending kids bypass trick or treating altogether. Personally, given the […]

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What’s causing this error when running Google sheets script?

Exception: The parameters (String,String,String,(class)) don’t match the method signature for CalendarApp.Calendar.createEvent. (line 31, file “Copy of Code”) 29 if (eventID != complete){ 30 var currentCell = sheet.getRange (startRow + i, numColumns); 31 calendar.createEvent(primary,start,end,{ 32 description: phone, email, adults, kids, notes 33 }); Google form updates Google sheet which updates Google Calendar when script is run. […]

CMS Development Wordpress

Page titles for internal classification

My wordpress install manages a business site, with landing pages. It’s not a blog, and there are no posts (only pages). The “pages” page, which shows draft/published pages, shows each landing page’s title. This is the value used in the <title> tag in the header, and is what the visitor sees. But I want every […]