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Minecraft digging speed attribute

I am currently trying to implement a custom crafting recipe in which it will place a dropper with a stone pickaxe with faster digging attributes. I was looking at but I couldn’t find any modifiers to increase digging speed. execute at @p run setblock ~ ~-1 ~ dropper{Items:[{Slot:4b,id:”minecraft:stone_pickaxe”,Count:1b,tag:{Unbreakable:1,display:{Name:'[{“text”:”test pick”,”italic”:false}]’},AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:”effect.digSpeed”,Name:”effect.digSpeed”,Amount:10,Operation:2}]}}]} replace Is there any specific […]

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Multiple loot tables in one datapack

So I have a slight issue with loot tables, I created three separate tables and whenever I go in and give myself the chest variant of the loot table it seems to sometimes not work on the others. So for the first one I am calling it “Tier 1” and giving it to myself using […]