CMS Mastering Development Wordpress

Website works for visitors, but search analytics reveals that the pages are going to 404.html?page=id

I have a wordpress website with a custom theme, and the code is on github. The website works and users are able to browse, interact, etc fine. I have no complaints from users on the site. But when I check my analytics, I see weird stuff like this below among the top links. Clearly something […]

Ask Games Video Games

How do I fix the Controller Settings loosing the ELEMENT SHIFT WHEEL action?

The game involves accessing 8 Elements to cast spells. When you use a gamepad to play the game, the 8 elements are accessed by your four face buttons for the first four elements, then holding the L1 Bumper for the next four. This ‘shift’ action also allows editing of the four MAGICKA quick slot spells. […]

Database Development

Memory exhausting when accessing large files of JSONB columns

I have a table with one of the column data jsonb, it has proper index on the column for filter condition but some times query is running too long and some times DB crashing because of out of memory immediately when starting of the query. has the table stats – Table size 51 MB, Toast […]