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MongoDB Atlas stacked columns chart make array items count as it’s fractions

I’m trying to create a stacked column chart in MongoDB Atlas Charts, and I have an array which looks like that: surveySource: [ "Instagram" "Influencer" ] So I’m just storing the user’s response to our survey in an array, as the user can select multiple options. When trying to make a stacked chart in mongoDB […]

Ask English Speaking

Am I right to believe that this sentence is a complete mess. (And why?)

tl;dr: Can you confirm the text below is a total shitshow: You will be responsible for all international groups coming to Sydney and to create an excellent welcoming attitude through Syntex corporate headquarter in planning and executing international visits. The international guest relation coordinator is part of the global education team to assist the preparation […]


the query running too slow

Given is mySQL table named “user_posts” with the following relevant fields: user_id user_status influencer_status indexed in all three fields My running slow query is here and also i have created an dbFiddle . Output of Explain is in the dbfiddle: SELECT P.user_post_id, P.user_id_fk,P.post_type, P.who_can_see_post, P.post_image_id,P.post_video_id, U.user_name, U.user_fullname,U.influencer_status FROM user_posts P FORCE INDEX (ix_user_posts_post_id_post_type) INNER JOIN […]