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Transparently bridge network over serial link

I have two Linux devices – for simplicity let’s call them Raspberry Pi’s – in a box that I want to connect to a network with a singe Ethernet link. Both of them need to be accessible, individually, on the network. I can join one to the other through a serial port very easily. It […]

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Fonts and fontspec for compiling latex documents in a docker container

I’m using latex to compile a document but don’t want to mess around with installing texlive on my machine again. To that end I’ve had great luck compiling documents with latex-in-a-docker-container. As a starting point I followed the directions at using the tianon/latex:latest docker image. However, if I want to use fonts that are […]

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How to remove LibreOffice installed with Lubuntu 20.04

I found a problem with the way the default install of LibreOffice Impress handles fonts on Lubuntu 20.04. That problem is covered here. In short, the solution was to remove the default install of LibreOffice (the one that gets installed by installing Lubuntu) and installing the snap version of LibreOffice. Wanting to keep my system […]


How to trigger multiple videos with ar.js

Updated: 9/13/2019 : The videos are freezing where the previous marker left off. I would like each marker to trigger videos (some markers will trigger only one of the videos/ some will mix and match). In my current code, I just have them all triggering both videos. *update, it has been found that this code […]