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How to set article options and associations programmatically?

I work on a custom Joomla 3 module that creates articles programmatically based on user input. I can create the articles, but I could not find a way to set the article options and associations when the article is created. I found this article on where the options are stored in the Joomla DB, but […]


Given many examples of a text, classify some never before seen text

I have a bunch of example texts for specific labels. Using this data, I want to be able to classify a new piece of text for the lable. I have a dozen to a hundred of rows of data like this: Product Description | Price | Batteries | Reviews The HP notebook is a bargain…., […]

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How do I insert values while inserting values from other table

Sorry, I am new to PHP and I just learnt how to insert into a table from another. Now I do not know how to add a value that is not from the other table inside. $input_comment = $_POST[“comments”]; $sql3 = “INSERT INTO QuotationService (referid, username, date, shiptype, city, country, poe, volume, volume2, service, included, […]