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Scrabble premium word score question

In the following scenario, does a double word premium apply to both words made on the same turn? Player 1 plays the word “book”. Player 2 plays the word “shot”, placing the “s” on a double word score space, and also forming the word “books”.

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Editing Listings in a Business Directory

In the following scenario, is there a way to allow each owner to create their own user account and have the account associated only with the owner’s business, so the owner can only edit the information for their own business? I am using the MyListing theme for a business directory and WP All Import to […]


How to start integrating two cloud services using Rest

I would like to understand where to start from, in the following scenario, when I would like to integrate two services which are (Workfront and Freshservice) both have Rest APIs. For example, I have a ticket in Freshservice that has a Task within it to de-activate a user in Workfront, I would like the program […]