Linux Mastering Development

Guide on how to enable hibernation on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon (Ubuntu 20) and prevent unwanted wakeups

This is, in a way, a memo for myself in the future. I do not understand why hibernation on linux is not a simple feature that just works and why enabling it has to be so complicated. I hope it also helps people having questions about hibernation. First, you need to make sure you have […]

Ask Chemistry

When you melt an ionic compound, do you “break” its electrostatic force of attraction, or its lattice energy?

I know that the melting point and the boiling point of ionic compounds are very high. However, when I was trying to find the reason for this, I found that this is because of the high electrostatic forces of attraction. Does this mean that when we melt an ionic compound, we break its electrostatic forces? […]

Ask Mathematics

What would be geometrically analogous to adding or multplying points on the plane $\mathbb R^2$? ( On complex numbers).

Why not a complete duplicate ( though a partial one) : This question deals both with multiplication of complex numbers,and with addition; hence , with the general idea of performing a binary operation on ordered pairs of reals. So, it is a bit more general as another post ( linked below) , and , as […]


Creating Dynamic Links in an Excel Calendar

Good morning, StackOverflow folks. I’ve got an Excel VBA question to ask you. I’ve got a macro that creates a calendar for me, based on the current day of the month, and it spits everything out into your typical calendar sort of format. Please see the code below for my current setup: Sub Calendar() Dim […]