CMS Mastering Development

What is the best way to handle HTTP requests within a plugin using Yii or Craft?

I have a custom module which is moderating content before entry save, I am looking to use a Microsoft Azure API to handle the moderation, in their documentation they use a HTTP library to make the request. Is there something which Yii or Craft already offers which I could utilise, if so, how would I […]

Ask Games Video Games

How do I transfer Wiiware/Virtual Console games from one Wii to Another (2020 Method)

I hope I’m in the correct community to ask this question (If not, please direct me to the correct one). I have 2 Wiis that I have accumulated over the years. One has a broken disk drive and missing face, but has 2 BOUGHT AND PAID FOR Wiiware games and a Virtual Console game in […]

Apple User Help

Where is the file containing the list of browser extensions for Safari in macOS 10.15+?

Ever since macOS 10.15, Apple now bans conventional Safari extensions, and now they must be loaded via an actual application in the applications folder. That being said, I have a hard time finding a file that contains the list of these extensions (to my knowledge there used to be a safari.extensions.plist file somewhere that listed […]

Mastering Development System & Network

How do I restrict a Remote Desktop Client to a single application?

I have an AWS Lightsail server running Windows Server 2016. I want Administrators to be able to log in via Windows Remote Desktop Client and access the desktop and all applications. However, I want to setup one or more users or groups who can connect to the server using a Remote Desktop Client (not Web), […]

Ask Biology

What are the long term consequences of settling an isolated territory with an extremely limited gene pool?

I remember reading about a discredited theory – I’m afraid that, despite some frantic Googling, I’ve been unable to track down a link – which stated that Australia was first settled by a woman, pregnant with a son, who washed up on a beach. It struck me as surprising that such a theory was ever […]

Android User Help

Are there any open source call recorders?

I know about F-droid has an app that records calls but it’s several years old, and it doesn’t work with android 10. It seems there are no open source recordings, if so, why? is it because these apps send the calls to their servers and third parties? I don’t trust random companies having all my […]

Ask Chemistry

Does current in a concentration cell decrease over time?

In a galvanic cell, current is driven because the species at the cathode is reduced by grabbing some electrons from the cathode. The cathode now lacks electrons so it pulls them from the anode. Now the anode needs electrons, so it pulls them from the species that will be oxidized in the other half cell. […]

Mastering Development

Connect to a shared network drive remotely via Python

I have a hard drive, which, when connected to my router, appears under Finder –> Network –> myShare on my Mac. Here, the drive appears as a folder which I can access its files from. Image of shared folder I was wondering if I could configure this network drive such that it could be accessed […]

Mastering Development System & Network

ADFS certificate-based authentication using machine (not user) certificates

I have an environment running Windows 2012 R2 ADFS. We’ve set up certificate-based authentication using client certificates (user certificates) and it’s working as expected. They would like to use machine certificates instead of user certificates for the certificate-based authentication. Is this possible and, if so, how do I do it? Thanks!

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mastering Development

How does bitcoin core establish a peer to peer network

I’ve tried to look for an answer to this online and haven’t found any. My question is: how does bitcoin establish a peer to peer network. Establishing a centralized network with a server in the middle between all clients is trivial. However, establishing a fully peer to peer network isn’t that easy. This is mostly […]