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fastcgi php nginx errorlog messed up

I have a strange problem, the errorlog of my nginx server is somehow messed up: PHP errors seem to be all written in one line and repeating itself recursively. This way the llog grows a few GB within one day! This is one line in the error log: 2020/03/26 16:58:45 [error] 29816#29816: *32 FastCGI sent […]


keydown no longer working after adding a ribbon control to a wpf window

I have a strange problem, I had a WPF (with C# code behind) page with some buttons and some keydown events. Recently I’ve added a ribbon control to group the buttons and the keydown events aren’t working any more. The strangest thing is that if I add back any of the old buttons (outside of […]

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Networking problems disappear when a switch is connected to gateway via another switch

I have a strange problem, and I wonder if anyone can give me insights on its root-cause. If my switches and firewall/gateway are in the following configuration: Then the machines connected to the Aruba switch behaves strangely: most cannot even ping to the Internet, and those who can, give horrendously response times – and would […]