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Getting multiple errors per minute from gnome-shell. How to diagnose and fix?

Since the installation of Ubuntu 20.04 I am seeing a lot of application crashes by various programs (Vivaldi, the GNOME Shell itself, Flameshot …), but when I was looking at the log files, I noticed that they’re being spammed over and over again with the same error, several times a minute: Jun 30 08:48:17 sysname […]

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JSON data and Vuetify cards

I’ve had no problem binding data to a vuetify data table like so; <template> <v-data-table :items=”items” :items-per-page=”5″ class=”elevation-1″ > <template v-slot:item=”props”> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </template> </v-data-table> </template> However, when attempting to do the same thing with a Vuetify card, I get nothing: <template> <v-card :items=”items”> <template v-slot:item=”props”> <v-card-title></v-card-title> <v-card-text></v-card-text> </template> </v-card> </template> Any help […]

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Nothing happens whe I run truffle test

I am new to solidity. Maybe I am missing something obvious in the setup. But when I run truffle test, I get nothing, the terminal just stays there forever. $ truffle test … and I don’t know why, and where to debug. My project looks like this: ExamRegistry build contracts Exams.sol Migrations.sol migrations 1_initial_migration.js 2_deploy_contracts.js […]