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Magento 2 Pending Payment Email

I have the folowing issue: Id like Magento2 to send an email to notify my client that the order placed is under Pending Payment, how can I do this? Thanks

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Datepicker calendar always show

I need to always show calendar popup in div below input with datepicker. There is my code <div class=”field date”> <input type=”text” name=”datepicker” id=”datepicker” value=”” class=”datepicker”> <script> require([“jquery”, “mage/calendar”], function($){ $(“#datepicker”).datepicker({ showMonthAfterYear: false, dateFormat:’mm/dd/yy’, changeMonth: false, changeYear: false, firstDay: 0, showsTime: false, hideIfNoPrevNext: true, minDate: new Date(), yearRange: ‘2020:2025’, }) }); </script> </div> How can […]