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Do Dvati qualify for Multiweapon Fighting?

They have 4 arms between them. A Dvati ‘character’ taking the feat has 4 arms. OTOH, of course, if you look at them as separate creatures, neither qualifies. …I’m leaning towards the first interpretation, honestly, but what are your thoughts? “Would this actually benefit them, anyway?” I hear you asking. Actually, yes. If the ‘main […]

Ask English Speaking

Is it “long enough to worry” or “long enough to be worried”?

Honestly, both of them sound ok to me (not a native speaker), apart from the fact that be worried is longer to spell out. And searching on Google Ngram shows that enough to worry is more prevalent, though enough to be worried is also used sometimes. I’d like to know, is any one of them […]


MySQL: I need to return rows according to certain conditions

I have a 3 tables: work, recording, release 1 work can have multiple recordings and 1 recording appears in only 1 release TABLE: work +———+———–+ | work_id | name | +———+———–+ | 1 | Hello | | 3 | Luna | | 4 | Feel good | | 5 | My self | +———+———–+ TABLE: […]


[ Hair ] Open Question : Missed Hair Appointments – My Fault: Do I Pay?

Hi!!! My mistake screwed my favorite salon – should I make restitution and pay for services I didn’t receive? I *want* to pay for the appointment I missed last week, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate. Background: I go toa salon in Raleigh. They’re busy, and people pay. I love my stylist and the […]


[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : Why do people instantly assume I’m a homophobe after learning that I’m a Chirstian?

Honestly, just why? J-Just why?