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ReactNative: metro bundler is not working

We developed with expo and needed an eject so We ejected from expo with the option to use expoKit. We heard there are two ways to run the server in this state. to build in xcode after expo start to react-native run-ios orreact-native run-android in another tab after react-native start If We run it the […]


Apollo Client is not reading variables passed in using useQuery hook

Having a weird issue passing variables into the useQuery hook. The query: const GET_USER_BY_ID= gql` query($id: ID!) { getUser(id: $id) { id fullName role } } `; Calling the query: const DisplayUser: React.FC<{ id: string }> = ({ id }) => { const { data, error } = useQuery(GET_USER_BY_ID, { variables: { id }, }); […]