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Stake Promo Code [Bitcoin Casino Bonus]

If you are looking for the actual Stake Promo Code: ➡️ LIMIT ⬅️ Check out more promo codes in Onooks. Or just click here. About Stake Promo Code About Stake Crypto Casino is a Modern Bitcoin Casino & Sports betting platform. Enhanced privacy. Instant deposits & withdrawals. Provably fair slots & games. 130+ crypto […]

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Python NLTK – Finding the most relevant of a group of three strings

I have a python dictionary of the form: { (“Internet”, “Internet/Services”, “Internet Provider”) : val1, (“Sports”, “sports_games”, “Football”) : val2, (“Gambling”, “gambling”, “games_Gambling”) : val3, … } I want to replace val1, val2, val3… with the most relevant word for that tuple of strings, for example, my guess is the most relevant values here are: […]