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In the absence of mutable types, is there a case for invariant type parameters?

So, by now it is pretty obvious what horrible mistake it was that arrays in Java are covariant. Maybe this design flaw is even the reason why many developers still struggle with the fact that, against common intuition, List<Thread> is not a subtype of List<Runnable>. A lot of this has to do with Lists (and […]


How to numbering seat without skip white space number? [closed]

above picture is result and red colored number that i want to modify. here is jquery-seat-chart.js code. jQuery-Seat-Charts v1.1.5 Copyright 2013, 2016 Mateusz Markowski Released under the MIT license [![enter image description here][2]][2] !function (t) { t.fn.seatCharts = function (s) { if (“seatCharts”)) return“seatCharts”); var e = this, a = {}, n = […]