How to numbering seat without skip white space number? [closed]

above picture is result and red colored number that i want to modify. here is jquery-seat-chart.js code. jQuery-Seat-Charts v1.1.5 Copyright 2013, 2016 Mateusz Markowski Released under the MIT license [![enter image description here][2]][2] !function (t) { t.fn.seatCharts = function (s) { if (“seatCharts”)) return“seatCharts”); var e = this, a = {}, n = […]

Development JSON

How to create dynamic nested menu from json object?

The menu is building except for the section GroupName: Employment Department Reports. I create the first sublevel with the SubGroupName menu name have problem adding the reports information under each of them. So the image shows the a snippet of the menu. I need the each reports to display under their menu item. Here is […]

Development Firebase

Firebase Cloud functions are not called

My site will call function “s” when I access ” / s /: id”. However, it is never actually called. As confirmed by firebase Project Overview, there is no evidence that function was called. I don’t know why because there is no error in the console. #functions/firebase.json { “functions”: { “source”: “functions” }, “hosting”: { […]