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Magento 2.3 – LEMP – Multi Website Localhost url setup on Nginx

For testing, we using Magento 2.3.4 in localhost [Centos 7 & Nginx] Main-store Path & URL: Path : usr/share/nginx/html/gomart – URL : http:// Multi-Store URL : Path : usr/share/nginx/html/gomart/grocery – URL : http:// How to setup Multi-Website url into => nginx.conf.sample & index.php & .htaccess

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Is it possible to put ISO in a folder, and to create manually the booting files?

I have a multiboot stick created with Windows, using Yumi. On this stick, for testing, I added the ISO of Multisystem (so Multisystem the distro including the software, not Multisystem only the software) If some people are interested by the experience: It’s funny to see that I can run Multisystem with multiple bootable ISO with […]

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USB Support in Qemu User Mode Emulation

I have a CLI program compiled for x86_64 for which I have no source code (a firmware programming utility). I would like to run this on a Raspberry Pi. The program runs fine using Qemu user mode emulation, but no USB devices are detected. Is it possible to use this mode of operation with USB […]

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Configuration of LVM on LUKS on EFI system ends with initramfs/BusyBox shell, what’s wrong?

The next week I’ll have to install Ubuntu 19.10 on a workstation with UEFI firmware and configured with these disks: 128GB SATA SSD 2x 500GB SATA HDDs 512GB NVMe SSD I’d to configure LVM on LUKS so, for testing, I’m trying on a virtual machine… I create a virtual machine with VMware Workstation with UEFI […]