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hook_menu_local_tasks_alter is not invoked during functional tests

I have an implementation of hook_menu_local_tasks_alter in my module, which works fine on my dev environment, but when I try to run my module using BrowserTestBase the hook is not invoked when visiting a node. Why? Here is a mock instance of the hook that I’ve set up just to see if the hook is […]


‘Set-Cookie’ is not included in the response headers

I’m trying to get the set-cookie header from the http response, but it’s not showing up for most of the requests. Using as an example, you can see that[fare%20class]&business%20or%20leisure=[business%20or%20leisure]&number%20of%20passengers=[number%20of%20passengers]&date=[date]&destination=[destination]&origination=[origination] sets 3 cookies: Puppeteer code: const puppeteer = require(‘puppeteer’); async function getResponseCookies() { function handleResponse(response) { const url = response.url(); const headers = response.headers(); […]