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How to debug packet loss on QEMU/KVM virtual machine which uses multiple VLAN interfaces on single network card

I have a server running under Debian 10. There’s one (for now) virtual machine under QEMU/KVM. Under some circumstances, server has only one network card, but I need VM to have access to two different networks: (internal) and 93.xx.xx.211/29 (external). I managed to set up two VLAN interfaces using systemd-networkd and bridged them into […]

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Cant connect or ping my router after changing it’s ip address

English is not my first language, sorry if I’m not well understood. I’m trying to add another router for my house, so the WiFi range will be larger. Now, my first router’s IP is, and it works well. The second, which I want to make a second access point, has as its address. […]