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Need some help to finish the last

There are some errors that I will look more into however my questin and biggest problem now is that I want to get rid of the last “global” variables and how to make use of the lists without running the functions twice… The part where it count turns for both player and computer doesn’t work […]

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script help to extract value

I have the following text file that I want to manipulate add_journal_volume group=”RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201″ copy=”TW_PROD_VLS” uid=”60,06,01,60,01,d0,40,00,37,1e,85,5e,17,9c,ea,11″ uid_hash=”0xfd81565b74f160c3″ -f; add_replication_volume group=”RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201″ copy=”VNX057_CRR_PSALTUXP201″ replication_set=”RSet0″ uid=”60,06,01,60,0e,60,3c,00,16,f5,56,7f,02,d8,e8,11″ uid_hash=”0xd7c77496f2520fbc” -f; add_replication_volume group=”RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201″ copy=”VNX057_CRR_PSALTUXP201″ replication_set=”RSet1″ uid=”60,06,01,60,0e,60,3c,00,18,f5,56,7f,02,d8,e8,11″ uid_hash=”0x62d865f2be9ff409″ -f; Basically I just want to return as column delimited text using “;” RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201;TW_PROD_VLS;;60,06,01,60,01,d0,40,00,37,1e,85,5e,17,9c,ea,11 RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201;VNX057_CRR_PSALTUXP201;RSet0;60,06,01,60,0e,60,3c,00,16,f5,56,7f,02,d8,e8,11 RPCG_VLS_PSALTUXP201;VNX057_CRR_PSALTUXP201;RSet1;60,06,01,60,0e,60,3c,00,18,f5,56,7f,02,d8,e8,11 The tricky part is those add_journal_volume line there is […]

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In Excel, can I “splice” multiple Dynamic/Spilled Arrays into a single Dynamic/Spilled Array?

IN A NUTSHELL I have four (say) columns of data, each a Dynamic/Spilled Array. I’d like to “stack” them into another column so as to produce a single Dynamic/Spilled Array comprising the “splice” of the four originals. I want to do it without VBA, and such that if the sizes of any of the four […]


How to find Common Keys in key value Pair which are Less than the Specified Threshold

I have a dictonary with key value pair where I want to set threshold as less than 50% for value which basically means in any of the key value pair where value pair has value less than 50% of all values we should put that key value pair in a dictonary and afterwards we have […]

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Make a copy of google sheet into google drive folder

I have two Spreadsheets. The first spreadsheet contains my raw data that indicates the employee # and name of employees. The second spreadsheet is the spreadsheet I want to copy into a google drive folder. I want to update the specific fields on the 2nd spreadsheet based on the employee number and employee name from […]