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Stored procedure to check data type of every value

I want to create a stored procedure that copy data from table A to table B. The structures of table looks like: create table_A( Name nvarchar (max) NULL, Id nvarchar (max) NULL, dob nvarchar (max) NULL, duration nvarchar (max) NULL ) create table_B( Name nvarchar (2000) NULL, Id nvarchar (max) NULL, dob datetime NULL, duration […]


How to filter records with multiple condition based on stored procedure

I have a school management system. I just created a stored procedure for retrieving a list of students from the database. If I just pass in null to all parameters, the stored procedure works fine, but when I add some parameter values, then I get this error: Msg 50000, Level 15, State 1, Procedure GetStudentList, […]