‘serving_default’ : Classification input must be a single string Tensor

I’m building a very simple Classifier. The input data has the following features job object marital object education object default int64 housing int64 loan int64 contact object dayofmonth object month object duration int64 campaign int64 pdays int64 previous int64 poutcome object First version of the serving function def serving_input_receiver_fn(): feature_spec = { ‘job’ : tf.placeholder(dtype […]

CSS Development

Outliers identification using tso: error non-stationary seasonal AR par from CSS

I am forecasting daily (log transformed) sales with about 2500 observations. I tested stationary. I used the tso function for the outliers identification, with the inclusion of regressors such as DayOfWeek, MonthYear, DayOfMonth, WeekOfMonth, WeekOfYear, Public Holidays. However, for some datasets I get the following message: Error in arima(y, order = fit$arma[c(1, 6, 2)], seasonal […]