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Why Present(0,0) is removing first rendered object?

I have to render two objects, more exactly, same object twice, just to clarify, all my constant buffers are dynamics, created like whit this flags: D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC, sizeof(ProjectionsBufferType), D3D11_BIND_CONSTANT_BUFFER, D3D11_CPU_ACCESS_WRITE, void init() { HRESULT hr = createHardwareDevice(device_.GetAddressOf(), context_.GetAddressOf()); throwIfFail(hr, “Could not initialize DX11.1 device”); if (device_ == nullptr) throw “DX11.1 device null”; if (context_ == nullptr) […]

How to implement two sided view in directx 11?

I’m searching for the way to implement two sided view in directx 11, the best answer I found is this: enter link description here I tested to do that: initialize backface culling to CCW (counter clockwise) ; render the mesh with a classic vertex shader ; if the object is not two-sided, we’re done with […]