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Should the Google Analytics utm_medium from Facebook Ads be cpc or display?

Facebook Ads: cpc vs. display? What is the optimal way to set up UTM tracking from Facebook Ads for maximum benefit in Google Analytics in 2020? Typically you see everyone recommending to set the utm_medium as cpc (or relevant cases, cpm), but they don’t explain why: So, my questions are: […]


How to automatically populate fields in a specific form

I’m developing a django app to keep track of orders and products in my laboratory. I have an Order model that I create instances from with a form that fills some of its fields (but not all) and creates an object. I’ve also created an UpdateForm to update the blank fields once the order arrives […]

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How can I get reach demographic details for ad campaigns using Facebook marketing API?

I’m building a system to automatically ingest date from the Facebook API. I can easily get campaign details such as CPC, CPM, Reach, etc. However, now I’d like to grab reach demographic information such as this one below: I believe that it does have something to do with Insights API, however, I can’t seem to […]