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family tree in SWI PROLOG

there is some error with the grandma , cousin, brother, uncle rules i tried so many rules but still could not find the correct one it returns false , please helpppppppppp /*rules*/ male(james). male(charles). male(william). female(megan). male(george). female(catherine). female(diana). female(elizabith). parent(james, charles). parent(james, elizabeth). parent(charles, catherine). parent(charles, william). parent(charles, megan). parent(elizabeth, diana). parent(diana, george). /*rules*/ […]

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Pokemon half green half silver [closed]

When I was 7 or 8, I was at a fair/carnival, as my cousin’s parents owned it, so I got to go on all the rides for free. My brother, cousin, and I went on a coaster afterwards. I saw my cousin go talk to the operator and he handed my cousin some stuff and […]