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How much exclusive story content Red Dead Redemption 2 special edition has?

for reference: Can you get all items in Red Dead Redemption 2? official Rockstar page As far as I understand, the “bank robbery” mission is the only new quest. The “gang hideout” is only an added location I assume (maybe with reused assets even). After taking a cursory glance at Youtube videos, the mission doesn’t […]

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which is a pforessional manufacturer of fine chemical?

Wuhan Hezhong Biochemical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 2004,which is a pforessional manufacturer of fine chemical,steroid powder,trenbolone,Injectable steroids, pharmaceutical chemicals biochemical and pharmaceutical raw materials intergrating R&D and marketing with producing and service.Owing self-support import &export rights,our company specialize in Abolic Raw steroids Hormones,Polypeptide,API and pharmaceutical intermediates, Food/Feed Additives,Flavor&Fragrance,Pesticides & Veterinary drugs,etc.These products are widely […]


how to identify updated record in postgresql

I have loaded some 5000 records in PostgreSQL using the CSV file. Now, there is some incremental load the same as the CSV file. This incremental load has 15 records(5 new records and 10 records are updated). Here I want to identify which column has got updated. For example: sales table(first load) region, country, item_type, […]


How to make this function more reusable/specific?

I wrote this function below which transforms the passed array of products by product type and currency type function getProductsByCurrency(products, type, exchangeRate = 1) { var productsRetrieved = => ({id:, name:, price: (item.price * exchangeRate).toFixed(2), type: type})); return productsRetrieved; } Is it possible to break down the function to be more specific? […]