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What does the OGL mean for things based on d20 elements, but which aren’t games?

I’ve been thinking lately about how the Overlord novels/manga/anime are so clearly based on 3e/3.5e/d20/whatever, yet were still commercially published–and, as far as I’m aware, suffered no legal action from Wizards of the Coast. Much of the “mechanics” of the series (at least from what I’ve seen) are entirely possible within the parts of d20 […]

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Customizing a navigation bar with featured images

I wish to improve upon this piece of WordPress code where I have created a navigation bar with previous/next posts and a featured image included. I am using this code as part of a Discography feature (on a music website) where I want my visitors to be able to navigate between each release type (album, […]


How to declare a function (method) using cuda texture?

I’m working on a cuda 10.2 project in VS2019. I’m trying to create a class which has methods with texture<> as argument, but it seems not possible. I start a definition in a .cu file like this: template<class T, cudaTextureReadMode mode> void CBSplines::CreateTextureFromVolume(texture<T, 3, mode>* tex, //… Then I get this error: Error class “CBSplines” […]