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How to divide the string depending on length in seqeunce in python?

>>>mymedicinesarerighthere You need to break this word down in the following way: >>>[m, ym ,edi ,cine ,sarer ,ighthe, re]

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Can’t install BOUT (the book of unwritten tales) on 16.04-64bits

First, the is like that: #!/bin/bash EXE_NAME=kAGE BASE_BIN_PATH=./bin BASE_LIB_PATH=./lib BITS=32 #run kAGE LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$BASE_LIB_PATH/$BITS/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH $BASE_BIN_PATH/$BITS/$EXE_NAME I fixed a error by installing 32 bits version from here. So now, trying the, I’ve got this: $ (…)/The.Book.of.Unwritten.Tales$ ./ Creating resource group General Creating resource group Internal Creating resource group Autodetect SceneManagerFactory for type ‘DefaultSceneManager’ registered. […]