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Is there some sort of decentralized digital bank project?

I have lost 100% of my remaining trust in the "traditional" banks, especially after they recently removed the only remaining method to even automate fetching my account balance. I’m desperately looking for some sort of decentralized bank project, similar "in spirit" to Bitcoin Core and Bisq, allowing me to run it on my own computer […]

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Stake Promo Code [Bitcoin Casino Bonus]

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How to Create Variables from OLS Regression Results?

import numpy as np import pandas as pd from scipy import stats import statsmodels.api as sm import matplotlib.pyplot as plt d = {‘City’: [‘Tokyo’,’Tokyo’,’Lisbon’,’Tokyo’,’Madrid’,’Lisbon’,’Madrid’,’London’,’Tokyo’,’London’,’Tokyo’], ‘Card’: [‘Visa’,’Visa’,’Visa’,’Master Card’,’Bitcoin’,’Master Card’,’Bitcoin’,’Visa’,’Master Card’,’Visa’,’Bitcoin’], ‘Client Number’:[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11], } d = pd.DataFrame(data=d).set_index(‘Client Number’) df = pd.get_dummies(d,prefix=”, prefix_sep=”) X = df[[‘Lisbon’,’London’,’Madrid’,’New York’,’Tokyo’,’Bitcoin’,’Master Card’,’Visa’,’No’,’Yes’]] Y = df[‘Total’] X1 = sm.add_constant(X) reg = sm.OLS(Y, X1).fit() […]

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Best APIs to use for cryptocurrency exchange

I need to integrate my application with APIs that allow users to buy assets in my application using Ethereum, Bitcoin, … maybe other cryptocurrencies later. What would be the best APIs for that purpose? I also need it to have a free tier with a good number of daily requests for test purposes.

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cannot display vue data array in html

so I’m getting the price of a bitcoin and I’m then storing it in a data array of a new vue instance, when I try to console.log this array in my js file it perfectly works but when I try to display it in my html like so it displays an empty array. I replaced […]

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[ Languages ] Open Question : Why do high schools in the U.S. even have foreign language classes, but not sooner?

By the time you’re in high school, like 14 or 15, it gets harder to learn a new language. Meanwhile, my cousins in Germany learned English starting at age 8 or 9. Now they’re 16 and their English is as good as their German. They can talk about digital marketing, bitcoin, and entrepreneurship in English […]