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Can the forked be unforked? :)

So….BTC, BCH, BTG and BSV all trade at different prices/values. All have forked off from BTC and have different development teams, theories, practices, technology, etc. I noticed that when you look at the amount of coins mined on sites like, it shows the following circulating supplies for each: BTC = 18,287,125 BCH = 18,351,063 […]


Returns ‘cannot reindex from a duplicate axis’ …What am I doing wrong?

import pandas as pd tickers =[‘ACLLF’,’ACNB’,’ALNPY’,’AMSF’,’ANAT’,’APYRF’,’ATASY’,’AWTRF’,’BCH’,’BCMXY’,’BGS’,’BKMG’,’BKKLY’,’BKNIY’,’ACCO’,’AHCHY’,’APAM’,’ARKAY’,’BIG’,’BSMX’,’CBWBF’,’CFG’,’CICHY’,’CIHKY’,’CMA’,’CMC’,’CVI’,’CWB.TO’,’TLT’,’AGG’] data = pd.DataFrame(columns=tickers) for t in tickers : data[t]=,’2018-01-01′)[‘Adj Close’]